I think I can speak for most people who are buying furniture or remodeling their home that finding someone who is thorough and reliable is not very common. From the first email to the last day on the job, Ryan was always quick to respond to my questions and concerns and finished the job well and in a timely manner. Most importantly the work he does is incredible! His cabinetry skills are top notch and his knowledge of wood, colors, and textures made the process of remodeling, for me, that much easier. I can 100% say that I’ve never never experienced such great costumer service and  skills to match when having customized work done on my home! Such a breath of fresh air. Two thumbs up and highly recommend to anyone wanting high end wood installations done in their home.”
— Caytlin T, Redondo Beach, CA
I cannot say enough about Ryan at Knotty Nuff Wood! From the very beginning he was great- very patient while I explained what I wanted my kitchen banquette to look like, and came out right away to take a look and give me an estimate (and he had a pretty good drive to get to my place). Very polite and professional the entire time. Got my estimate (which was very reasonable) quickly, and he started work shortly thereafter. The project took about 4 days to complete and Ryan was at my house working hard while I went off to work each day - each day I came home everything was neat and tidy. In the end, my banquette was beautiful and looked just as I’d hoped it would (which of course it most important after all). I am awaiting my cushions from cushionsource.com (great suggestion by Ryan), but even without the cushions I’m so completely happy (and the benches have storage too)! Thank you Ryan!! 
— Caroline K., Long Beach, CA
Ryan is AWESOME.  He’s now done a number of projects for me: beautiful custom bookshelves, custom dining room table, beautiful hutch for glassware and more.   He is professional, reasonable in his pricing, has terrific follow through, I truly could not ask for more.  I now use him for everything.  I only wish he had a twin up in Northern CA, where we have our main home, so I could use him there.  He is the best!!!!”
— Kristen M., Altadena, CA
Ryan delivered two beautiful 72”x30” solid walnut desktops for me (I already had legs for the tables).  The desktops are excellent and he finished the project in half the time other local carpenters were quoting.  Very pleased with his work.”
— Z.K., Chino Hills, CA
I cannot rate Knotty Nuff Wood highly enough.  I would recommend Ryan to anyone interested in any degree of woodworking.  For myself, for any cabinetry or furniture work I have done, I will absolutely be contacting Ryan first.  Amazing overall job.  The photos, while excellent, don’t even do the work justice.  

Scope of Project: We had a small downstairs closet that would just fill up with junk, and we wanted to turn it into something cool while we were remodeling our downstairs.  We found some inspiration photos to turn the closet into a wet bar, and shopped them around various contractors and carpenters.  Far and away, Ryan was the most responsive, most diligent, most interested in doing the job, and priced his work extremely competitively.  The full scope of the job morphed from a set of cabinets built into the bar into a much more complex project.  Overall work required:
- Install tile backsplash.  This was complex work, as it was fragile antiqued glass tiles, and the wall on which the tiles went was absolutely not flat.  The work that was done was incredible.  
- Custom build bar cabinetry and bar top. At Ryan’s suggestion, we went with Walnut veneer ply, and it looks frickin’ incredible.  It took a lot of measuring to make sure the bar would fit into the very tight space, and again, none of the walls or floor is straight or level (it’s an old house on a hill that has basically no straight lines or level surfaces).  The bar was built on site to make sure it would fit perfectly.  And it is just that - perfect.  All the doors are perfectly measure to open fully and not hit each other. or the door jamb.  The wine fridge (see below) was installed perfectly in place and looks completely built in.  The wood grain runs in the perfect direction to make the whole thing flow perfectly.
- Flush drawers and doors: Perfectly executed and with soft touch closure.  The drawers have dove-tail corners, which are gorgeous, and speak to the quality and care of Ryan’s work.  I wasn’t expecting that, and when I saw it, I was absolutely floored that I got this level of quality for the price.
- Custom flush mount ring pulls: Little touches like this make the whole project pop. 
- Install glass shelves: Heavy glass shelves requiring precision work.  These ended up being beautiful, and Ryan found the perfect brackets to match the rest of our brass fixtures.  
- Wood panel all side walls and ceiling:  This was a controversial design choice according to some of my friends, but the end result was executed beyond expectations.  He used full sheets of the walnut so it is a flush sheet of wood all over.  The very difficult corners and seams are perfectly aligned. And the rare places seams needed to go were very smartly put down near the floor level so you never see them.  It’s the first thing people compliment about the bar when they see it (second is the antiqued glass backsplash), and for good reason.
- Custom panel for built-in wine fridge.  This was a glass door fridge requiring a custom panel and installation so it would blend into the surrounding cabinetry.  Executed perfectly.  He did a better job on the wine fridge than my kitchen contractor did with my full panel kitchen refrigerator - I wish I would have hired Ryan for my kitchen cabinets.  
- Installed electrical for the outlet for the wine fridge
- Installed sink and faucet.  This required really squeezing the sink into a tight spot and still fitting the facuet in.  The way he was able to do it, the sink sits right under the beer tap faucets, so no extra drip-tray is needed, and it really doesn’t completely take over the narrow corner there. This way, that edge is still quite usable, as is the sink itself.  

Quality of the work: A+, 10 of 10. 5 stars.  Whatever the best is, Ryan gets that rating.  
Dove tail drawer corners, precision cutting and installation, and everything noted above.  The materials Ryan suggested were stunning.  The quality of his work is fantastic. And his execution is spot on.

Price: There were two groups of bids I got on this project.  Contractors who wanted $10-12k dollars to do all the work.  And carpenters who wanted $5k, but just to build the cabinets and do the paneling, who weren’t willing to do any of the tile, electrical, or install the sink and faucet.  Ryan was willing to do the vast majority of the work.  I have a plumber I prefer to work with, and had him do the rough plumbing.  But otherwise, Ryan was a one-stop shop, and came in around half price of the other contractors.  And I know for fact I got better work from Ryan than I would have from the contractors who bid the job (which includes the contractor who actually did my kitchen just before Ryan did my bar).  Again, I really wish I would have hired Ryan to just do my whole kitchen.

Cutomer Service: Fantastic.  Ryan is incredibly responsive by phone and e-mail.  And he came out on extremely short notice for the initial bid.  I was amazed at how quickly he responded to my inquiries.”

— Matt D., Los Angeles, CA